All stringed instruments change over time, due to humidity and weather conditions, travel, gear changes such as a new gauge of strings, or even the way the instrument feels and plays as you evolve as a musician. Following is a roster of basic luthier services I provide. Don't forget, I offer FREE estimates and consultations for luthier services, and I guarantee my setups

Setups and adjustments 

I specialize in custom guitar setups, which I call "the oil and filter change" of guitar maintenance. The need is common and generally easy to address. 

Electric guitar and bass setups

  • Neck
  • Action
  • Intonation
  • Fingerboard nut
  • Pickup height
  • Trem (if necessary)
  • Restring

Acoustic guitar and bass setups

  • Neck
  • Saddle height
  • Fingerboard nut (also treat the fingerboard)
  • Restring


  • Fret dressing (fret mills)
  • Fret end dressing
  • Fret replacement (all sizes)

Structural repair

Acoustic or electric guitars and basses, 12-string guitars, 5-string basses, mandolins, etc.

  • Build and install new fingerboard nuts (bone or graphite)
  • Build acoustic guitar saddles (bone or graphite)
  • Crack repair
  • Headstock repair
  • Filling cracked fingerboards
  • Basic crack repair on tops and sides of acoustic guitars (including reinforcement)
  • Brace repair on acoustic guitars
  • Bridge removal and re-installation on acoustic guitars
  • Any crack/structural repair on electric guitars 

Hardware replacement

  • Install or repair acoustic or electric guitar and bass tuners
  • Install or overhaul electric guitar and bass bridges
  • Install and modify pickguards
  • Install strap buttons or dowel and re-drill for new strap buttons

Electrical repair

Solid-body electrics, basses, and semi-hollow and hollow-body electrics

  • Replace or install pickups
  • Replace potentiometers
  • Replace input jacks
  • Replace all switches


If you have an old instrument that has been in storage for a long time or that you want restored, I can help bring it back to life. This includes sourcing original or hard-to-find parts. You can always count on my FREE estimates for the costs of the restoration versus the resale value of the instrument (i.e., is it worth the cost of repair). Of course, if the instrument has sentimental value, I'm happy to work with you to do what's best for you, the instrument and your budget. 


Options include customizing pickguards, swapping out the bridge for something more complicated, adding different parts, configuring pickups, custom wiring, custom fingerboard nuts, etc. Just ask!

want an estimate or TO ARRANGE LUTHIER SERVICES?

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