Over the years, I've repaired thousands of guitars and basses for all types of musicians, famous and otherwise.


Having played bass myself since the age of 12, I understand the rare bond between musician and instrument. Just as every player has a different style, needs and preferences, every instrument has its own character too. For this reason, I personally work with every client to ensure his or her guitar feels, plays and sounds just right.

Whether fixing guitars or playing them, I enjoy keeping up with the evolving world of stringed instruments. I'm a passionate [obsessive] collector of bass guitars. When I'm not refining my technique or working on new modifications, you may find me waxing poetic about hardwoods or appreciating the lyrical transmission of a Milwaukee drill. But don't let that frighten you; I'm mostly content to fix your gear and chat you up about music.

I worked out of the California Jazz Conservatory in downtown Berkeley, California for the last twelve years. During that time my clients included musicians throughout the Bay Area and the West Coast. I worked with not only jazz musicians but players of all styles of music. No biases here.

I have recently moved to Asheville and am looking forward to making connections in the music community here. 

Feel free to call me at (510) 332-2275 or contact me by email to arrange an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you!